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Performance Automatic offers its new Blue Chip Street Smart Systems, specifically designed for Ford’s Coyote Crate Engines and new 572 Big Block. These Blue Chip Street Smart Systems include the company’s 4R70W Electronic Overdrive Transmission, custom-built engine-specific torque converter, updated Smart Shift controller and wiring harness with bump shift/paddle shifter capabilities and full throttle non-torque managed shifts, new flex plate, plus all the hardware and components needed for installation. Both of these Blue Chip Street Smart Systems are backed by a three-year warranty. These Blue Chip Street Smart Systems come complete and ready for a simple bolt in. All components are matched to your specific engine.

Stainless Headers Mfg. announced its new line of titanium slip-on merge collectors. These are an ideal option for those applications that need to shave off some extra weight. With a weight savings of close to half of stainless, they are a slip-on solution for existing and new installations. Available in sizes ranging from 1 ½” to 2 ½” primaries, these collectors are available in a variety of secondary combinations. These can also be coupled with the company’s new line of titanium race mufflers for ultimate weight saving performance.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ Fel-Pro Gaskets brand now offers an exclusive line of performance turbocharger gaskets engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in high-end racing engines. Federal-Mogul Motorparts is a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation. Available for use with T3, T4 and T5/6 turbos, the new Fel-Pro HTA gaskets feature Federal-Mogul’s award-winning High Temperature Alloy and proprietary coating, which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees F. In addition to the temperature-resistant HTA alloy and coating, each Fel-Pro HTA gasket features an emboss bead that acts as a spring to maintain sealing contact stress under virtually all operating conditions. The gaskets’ high-temperature coating also helps ensure superior micro-sealing against a broad range of casting finishes.


Design Engineering Inc’s EXO Series Sleeving has all the features of DEI’s popular Fire Sleeve with one benefit that makes it ideal for off-road racing, dirt track or extreme sports. Like the Fire Sleeve, the DEI EXO Sleeve is constructed of high-temperature-resistant glass material woven into a 100 percent silicone sleeve. The exception is that the EXO Sleeve has a 304 stainless steel exoskeleton exterior mesh that provides an added layer of protection to wires, lines and hoses exposed to harsh or abrasive conditions. The EXO Sleeve withstands up to 500°F of direct continuous heat or 2000°F intermittent heat and works as a thermal insulator for wiring, hoses and oil, brake and transmission lines. This sleeve, encapsulated with a stainless steel mesh, allows for air flow around the silicone sleeve when in direct contact with a hot surface making it excellent to use around hot exhaust systems and headers. Sold with two feet of DEI Quick Fix Tape to seal the ends, it is available in two diameters: 3/8” I.D x 3ft (part #010872), or 1” I.D. x 3ft (part #010873).